Laptop Repair

Are you currently experiencing one of the following problems with your laptop?

Problem description:
When you plug the AC adapter into the laptop, there are no lights turning on at all.
It could be a bad DC adapter.

Problem description:
Do you have to wiggle the power cable into the laptop?
It could mean that you need a dc jack replacement or your existing one needs tightening.

Problem description:
Does your laptop turn off after a couple of minutes of usage?
Does it feel extremely hot at the touch?
Have you tried a cooling pad to no avail?
This could mean that your CPU is overheating.

Problem description:
Is your laptop running considerably slow?
Do you hear a clicking noise?
This could mean you need a hard drive replacement.

Problem description:
Is your screen image distorted or bleeding?
Do you only see a black screen?
You might need a screen replacement.

We are the solution to these problems!
For a small estimate fee of $35.00 we will diagnose your laptop and provide a cost effective solution.
You can be reassured that when you bring your laptop to Duo Computers you will receive an honest and accurate solution. Don’t waste your time and money dealing with the big box stores or a friend that “dabbles” in computers only to find out it will take weeks to get your laptop back.

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