Dc Jack Replacement

We repair all dc jacks, call us today for an appointment.

DC Jack replacement instructions:

  • 1    Disconnect the power adapter from the wall. Remove the laptop’s battery pack. To remove the battery pack, flip the laptop over and hold the battery lock open while you slide the pack free. This will make sure you do not get shocked while working on the inside of the laptop.
  • 2   Remove the laptop’s hard drive by removing all the screws from the bottom of the computer.
  • 3   Disconnect the laptop’s screen by pulling up of the two pop tabs that hold the screen in place. Once the tabs are lifting, pull up and gently separate the screen from the laptop’s body, making sure not to disconnect the two wires of the laptop screen .
  • 4   Remove the metal safety plate screwed in underneath the keyboard. To get to this plate, just flip the keyboard upside down. Be sure not to disconnect it from the computer itself.
  • 5   Locate the DC jack by looking in the back left of the laptop. The DC jack will just be a little spherical piece of metal.
  • 6   Reconnect the DC jack to the computer by sliding the jack’s support back into the slot open for it. This is located at the base of where the power adapter gets plugged into the laptop.
  • 7   Reattach all the components you disconnected back into their same places. After that, screw the laptop back together, making sure to reconnect the hard drive and the battery pack.

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